Date- 2020-02-04

KMC reclams Dhapa for scientific waste disposal

Unable to find an alternative ground to dump waste as large as Dhapa, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to continue with the existing facility but after scientifically reclaiming it in phases.

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Date- 2019-05-08

India’s challenges in waste management

The key to efficient waste management is to ensure segregation source and resource recovery

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Date- 2018-04-26

Solar project covers 512 households in the Sunderbans

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Date- 2018-03-06

Punjab Village Uses Cow Dung To Deliver Piped Biogas Straight to Kitchens

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Date- 2018-03-01

India’s waste management problem

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Date- 2015-07-19

Solar Power lights up the medical clinics of Sunderbans

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