Our story begins in  2014 when, in an unprecedented move, a concerned State Government engaged a leading Indian private sector bank to prepare a roadmap for tourism in the most unexpected of places – the largest river delta in the world – to attract global tourists to this UNESCO World Heritage site while maintaining its fragile ecological and environmenal balance.

Though the unique beauty and challenges of this region have been documented extensively, the books, articles, documentaries that we devoured before our initial visits as curious tourists did not prepare us for the mesmerising panoramas, abundance of flora and fauna and above all, human fortitude in the face of man-animal conflict. We were drawn back, again and again, to one of the most amazing places on earth and it changed us, little by little, till our curiousity turned to passion. To quote Mr. E.B. White (author of Stuart Little), we have been torn every day between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.

Our journey has taken us four years – what started off with travelling together and passionate dialogues on sustainable development for conservation of enviroment has culminated in three career bankers and an expert in ecology conservation joining hands with the objective to connect natural produce and products to markets through community engagement.

In summer of 2017 Sandip Kar, Ajanta Dey, Soumyadip Chowdhury and Mallika Singh conceptualized this intention for supporting Startups in the social sector space with suitable interventions through a hybrid structure of a Not for Profits and a Private Limited Company in a manner that efficiently nurtures profit making under the Triple Bottom Line approach of Natural Produce & Products, Communities & Markets.

In July 2018 we got off the ground through our first intervention in Harimitti, an early stage startup focussed in bringing farming to urban households in an innovative manner that attempts to improve livelihood options of the rural partner while addressing the needs of the urban consumer.

And we continue to travel whenever we can.