We are evolving toward an increasingly open solution society, one in which people from varied demography are encouraged to apply their creativity and talent to crafting innovative solutions to social challenges and increase impact through their action.

This democratization of social innovation is driven by factors like cultural shifts and transformational developments in technology. On this background, we seek skill based volunteering.

So, we would love to gain from your volunteering hours if you think you may qualify in any of the following streaks of madness (excluding the last one which is actually good for your CV):


(A) Interested in the Social Sector beyond intellectual conversations and willing to experiment?

(B) Founded or worked closely with core team of a startup even if it did not work?

(C) Having domain expertise in any area of application in the social sector and willing to share that knowledge?

(D) student with free time to devote for a good cause?


If YES, we can assure you hours of fun, laughter and learning.