Date- 2020-06-09

Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security and Nutrition, June 2020

In the longer term, the combined effects of COVID-19 itself, as well as corresponding mitigation measures and the emerging global recession could, without large-scale coordinated action, disrupt the functioning of food systems.

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Date- 2020-04-25

Reinventing Agriculture in the Time of COVID-19

Reverse migration due to COVID-19 provides an opportunity for hinterland administration to engage the returned labourers in gainful employment.

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Date- 2020-04-24

Covid-19 and Food Security

On April 21, the United Nations projected that because of Covid-19, the number of people facing severe food insecurity worldwide could double to 265 million.

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Date- 2019-01-07

This 25-year-old Kolhapur entrepreneur is empowering tribals with honey extraction through technology

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Date- 2018-12-06

Unemployed Pune Man Turns To Farming, Earns Rs 13 Lakh Growing Capsicum!

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Date- 2018-11-29

How Precision Agriculture can transform the agritech sector and improve the lot of every Indian farmer

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Date- 2018-10-24

Precision agriculture can do wonders for Indian farming

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Date- 2018-10-16

Indian Angel Network, others back farm-to-fork marketplace FarmersFZ

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Date- 2018-06-22

Organic farming gathers steam in the Sundarbans

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Date- 2018-01-08

India wastes Rs 244 crore worth of food a day

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